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The 10 Aspects of Fitness and Why Strength is Important

See below for  “Why Get Strong” Info Graphic

Fitness is defined best by using Jim Cawley’s “10 Aspects of Fitness”. The info graphic below was inspired by him and Michael Wolf’s article on the Starting Strength website, found here.

Now please keep in mind when you’re going through this graphic that although strength does affect all 10 aspects, it doesn’t affect all of them equally. For example, if you like to run road races, your running will improve considerably by doing heavy squats (properly) and deadlifts because by making your legs stronger, you’re improving (on a dramatic level) your stamina, speed and power. All of which will equal better overall times in your race.

However, strength training as it relates to cardiovascular / Respiratory Endurance (CRE) is not even close to good enough to prepare you for a half marathon, 10K, Iron Man, or whatever you like to beat up your legs with. Anyone that has ever done a heavy squat set knows that CRE is taxed but it’s not good enough for long endurance type races. As it pertains to your health in everyday life though, heavy squats do a really good job with CRE.

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